I do get emails suggesting topics but many of them while interesting are not necessarily of interest to my readers. On the chance I am wrong here are a few- no names.

1- “Why don’t you comment on that scum, Lance Armstrong. He is not just a cheater, he is guilty of insider trading and should be treated as such. The entire time he took fees he knew that his public image was a total fabrication. He should be forced to disgorge, plus interest and pay fines. He is trash.Just a thought.”
2-“I’ve attached my latest column submission. It examines flow through investing and discusses how it can benefit different types of investors.”
Now on this one I have to say that the writer lives in Vancouver and in addition to being a financial adviser, rescues older retired race horses.
3- “I love the dog sculpture—you need that in the living room!” Now there’s one worthy of posting, except my living room is smaller than the dog.’
4-“Even in Paradise, we occasionally face reality. Actually there a local law forbidding that, but the internet is free and I am an American, and that status carries extraterritorial privileges. At least that’s what Al Gore says, and he oughta know because he invented the internet—- before he sold it to al-Quaeda.” This from a friend who lives in the Caribbean, has a rival blog that I have no intention of linking my readers to and who almost spelled Al Queda correctly. Phooey on him in Paradise.

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