I received an email from an old Marine Corps friend who sent a You Tube which was vicious inaccurate and offensive. It was a video of a moron named Michael Berry who has a radio program in Houston which sadly is carried on WGY in Schnectedy, criticizing the President of the united States on his awarding the Medal of Honor to SSgt. Salvatore Giunta. He inaccurately claims that the President ignored the honoree in order to shake hands with Democrat (as he calls them) politicians. I get so angry when I see these type of vicious and poisonous attacks. Mr. Berry claims to be a former Marine and if so he is an embarrassment to the Marine Corps. I found the real You Tube of the ceremony which you can see below. It is very moving and beautiful and the recipient has the respect and admiration of our President.

I remember reading that when Harry Truman fired General MacCarthur his comments were rather salty but he said something like “I fired him (among other reasons) because he had no respect for the Presidency of the United States.”

I wont post the offensive video although I am sure you can find it.
See the real video

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