I received an email from a neighbor, Mary Jean asking me why I hadn’t posted a blog about a local maple syrup operation.

I had no idea that it was less than a mile from the farm. But that takes some explaining. Up until about ten years ago on our road there was a road that branched off called McCourt Road. You could drive through to Corbin Road but as #1 son would tell you it was a very rough ride. The road gradually became less and less used and then a few years ago a neighbor bought property on the road and closed it off.

But this year a few times cars would stop on our road and ask where the maple syrup farm was. Their GPS hadn’t figured out the road was closed. Today in order to get from the farm to Madava (thats the name of the maple syrup farm) you have to drive about 2 miles to get around to the other side of McCourt Road.

Today I drove over and couldn’t believe what I saw. There is a business man from New Jersey who has bought about 800 acres and has built a huge enterprise. I have to believe it is the biggest maple syrup farm in New York State and it is more like a wine vineyard in France or Italy than a Clove Valley maple syrup business. 30 people work there and there is tubing that is miles and miles long. The sap is pumped to the main house where it is processed. They have regular tours and serve lunch. A few pictures will give you an idea of what it looks like.

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