I was in California last week and played hookie one day. I had heard of a VW dealer who sold used cars and parts but until I saw it, with my own eyes (I wonder where that expression came from) I couldn’t believe it. Hundreds of acres of old VWs. It is located in Hesperia which is in the Mohave desert and about 90 miles from Los Angeles. I think it is safe to say I was the only man (or woman for that matter) in Hesperia who isn’t covered with tattoos.

Hesperia is a town that time forgot and clearly the economy there is still very much depressed, but in the middle of it all is this pearl in the desert. I met the owner’s son who took me around. He was quick to say that he works as an architectural draftsman because he doesn’t get along with his father. He was missing an eye but otherwise was fine and I noted he only had three or four modest tattoos.

We walked the property and here are a few pictures which as you can see are extraordinary. I stopped on the way back to LA at a small Mexican restaurant on the outskirts of Hesperia and the meal was first rate, a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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