A friend over in Connecticut sent me a link to a site called Bidspotter.com. He knew I was interested in old cars and said there was an on line auction and it was over in Wappingers Falls about 20 minutes from the farm. I went over today and couldn’t believe the accumulation of probably 50 years of uncontrolled buying. It was a warehouse filled with the most extraordinary collection of everything. the owner Michael Garber who I never even heard of had done steel fabricating for IBM when they were still the big company here in the Hudson Valley. I will have to find out more about him but his interests included…model planes, measuring equipment, steel fabricating equipment, meters of all sorts, an enormous collection of sheet music from as early as the 1920s, a wonderful upright piano, and a whole slew of Model A Ford parts, as well as a 34 roadster, a 67 Mustang. If you don’t believe me see below and that isn’t even scratching the surface.
There are over 600 items and the auction is all on line and has a bizarre ending. As long as people are bidding an additional 10 minutes is added to the expiring time. I guess what that does is bid the prices up higher as you have 10 minutes after the supposed last bid to increase yours. Sounds like a bit of a scam but I will fire off a few bids and report back next week.

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