This is the time of the year that the Turkey Vultures or buzzards seem to be in the sky every day. I suspect they have clean up duty for all the animals that didn’t make it through the winter but they are numerous and very big birds. when you occasionally see them on the ground feeding you can get the idea how big they really are, second only to the eagles.
I remember reading many years ago about the buzzards returning to Hinkley Ohio so I Googled Hinckley and sure enough there is an annual celebration when the birds return to roost.

Below is an article from a Cleveland newspaper:

Buzzards return to Hinckley – better later than never

HINCKLEY – It could have been the weather – or perhaps because the buzzards were looking for recently retired, long-time Cleveland Metroparks Naturalist and official “Buzzard Spotter” Bob Hinkle. In either case, the first of Hinckley Township’s most famous feathered residents returned to the ledges of the Hinckley Reservation at 8:15 a.m. today – a half-hour later than the first arrival of 2012.
“A lot depends on the weather, it is kind of cloudy today,” said the Metroparks’ first-year Buzzard Spotter Sharon Hosko. “But they are officially back and spring is coming.”
Hosko noted that this year’s event also drew a good number of buzzard fans.

“There are probably 75 people here and I saw some license plates from as far away as California,” she said. “So some people came a long way.”

An estimated 75 fans attended this year’s annual return of the buzzards to Hinckley Reservation.

While their trip was not quite as far as those arriving from the Golden State, Kevin and Trish Yurchekfrodo were first-time buzzard watchers from Youngstown.

“We went to Punxsutawney and figured we would come to see the buzzards,” Kevin said. “This is a little more subdued than Punxsutawney.”

The Yurchekfrodos did find the natural – and, judging solely by some of the buzzard-themed outfits, somewhat unnatural – phenomenon of Buzzard Day to have its distinct advantages over the buzzards’ spring predicting Pennsylvania neighbor, Punxsutawney Phil.“It is really nice – the surroundings are nice,” Trish said. “Punxsutawney was nice too, but you had 40,000 people. And this is more natural and hard to predict.

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