They apparently have finally arrived. There is a moose on the loose and in the last four days assuming she is the same one, has been sighted in both Millbrook and as far away as Route 55 in Lagrangeville.

Up until about 10 years ago we had few sighting of bear, wolf, eastern mountain lions but while not common, you hear about them from time to time. This year for the first time there was even a hunting season for bear in Dutchess County.

But this is the first time in most people’s memory that there was a confirmed moose sighting, no question about it. I haven’t heard much more about it other than a few pictures so for now I don’t know where she came from or how far she traveled. I guess she was most likely to come down from the Adirondacks but that’s a long way to come by hoof.

Of course people are lining up on the road to take pictures and everyone is talking about it but for now no one knows anything more.

Somehow this sighting reminds me of an old cartoon that I found on the internet.

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