There is a little cabin that I built years ago up at the lake. It is only about 9-12 but you can use it for storing fishing stuff, barbeque grill and even has some furniture and a built in couch. It is far from any houses and only lacked one facility, running water and electricity. The kerosene lamp supplies the light and now there is a proper outhouse. It is new but used the door from my old chicken coop which I had saved for some reason. The guy who built it Ed, the Shed Guy really got into the project and turned it into a Cadillac of privies using cherry wood that I had milled years ago from a fallen tree behind the barn for the floor and bench.

Not much else to say about it other than it looks like it has been there 100 years and that was the idea. We had a picnic with some friends Sunday and it got some scant discreet use. One of my friend’s daughter 9 opened the door and looked in and down but didn’t say much else.


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