Susan and Elizabeth

First Susan- I met her with a mutual friend when we were all in our early thirties. she lived in Minneapolis and subsequently married but had no children . In the last year within 6 months both her mother and husband died and she had no other family. A letter came in the mail to her a few months ago. It was sealed with Scotch tape and came from an address in Naples Florida where Susan and her late husband had an apartment.

The letter said that in Illinois where the writer had grown up the law now permits adopted children to search for their natural parents. He further said that his parents were both dead and he had tracked down Susan through the Illinois  data base. It tuned out, although no one knew it, Susan when in college  had a child which she gave up for adoption. The son is married with two children and they have now become close. A mutual friend reports that the son now calls Susan “Mom.”

The next story is about Elizabeth whose parents fled Nazi occupied Poland and came to America where Elizabeth was born. She is a well know curator of art and as such her name appears on the internet. Some months ago she received an email from a woman who is an historian in Cracow. It seems when they were demolishing an old hospital in the center of the city  some old deeds and photographs were found which had been hidden in a wall. Because she was an historian she did a lot of research and somehow associated the deeds with Elizabeth whose last name in Polish was recognizable on the documents. At first Elizabeth was suspicious but when the woman sent the family photographs Elizabeth recognized her parents and relatives who had not survived. The two have now become friendly on the internet and the deeds are for properties that Elizabeth’s family owned before the war!

So if there is a lesson here, it may be that internet made both of these extraordinary stories possible.

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