A friend was up at the house this past Friday and was looking on the porch and found four kittens. It seems that our feral black and white cat produced them and has been moving them around for the last few days. She is very shy and skittish and you can’t get near her but the kittens are friendly and don’t seem to mind getting picked up.

This was a cat that a friend in Stanfordville “gave” us after she trapped a few of them under her porch. When the cat  finishes nursing them she will have to go over to the vet in Pleasant Valley so this wont occur again. The picture below is of the four kittens. The one in the front is a tricolor, the rest black.

Also check out the one comment from a reader in the Cayman Islands.

One thought on “Unexpected Event

  1. FYI, a “tricolour” kitten is ALWAYS a female and is called a calico cat. Anyone who can create a MALE calico cat will make a gazillion dollars. Never been done.


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