Rex is 7 or 8 years old and is the most faithful friend anyone could ever hope for. About three years ago he was at death’s door with severe Lyme tick disease and was all skin and bones when a great vet in NY brought him back from the edge. He has relapses from time to time but last week he stopped eating, became lethargic wouldn’t drink anything and appeared with all the symptoms of Lyme tick disease again. Tom, a neighbor and friend, rushed him to our new vet over in Pleasant Valley. She is terrific, looked at Rex gave him an xray and found he had eaten two big rocks! I love Rexy Boy but he is dumb as a rock.

Below actual picture of rocks that Dr. Gearheart had to surgically remove from his intestines. He is there for a few days and will then come home. Anyone have an idea how to stop this besides a muzzle? suggestions appreciated and published.

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