Several years ago I broke my finger falling off a roof and while it healed it never looked quite right and I can’t bend it as much as the other fingers. all of which is to tell you that I was a below average banjo player before and now I cant get my broken finger into many chord positions.

Of course Django Rheinhardt and Jerry Garcia were both missing fingers completely and it never stopped them a bit. However I have a new musical solution and it is being moved to the top of my bucket list. Harmonica Camp in Clarksville Mississippi. The home of BB King, Muddy Waters and many other blues greats. A friend went to the camp a few years ago, it’s for 5 days, and had a blast. I had forgotten about it until I saw a magazine article recently. The author went, stayed at the Shack Up Inn and actually learned to play enough to perform on the last night there.

So I’m rarin’ to go. Anyone wanna come along for the ride?

Here’s a picture of the Shack Up Inn from their website, I don’t think I’ve posted a better photo!




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