One of the great inventions of our time is the dumpster. For years I have been throwing out junk but never in an organized way, but a few weeks ago I ordered a dumpster and filled it up in a week. There was everything from paint cans that were latex and never survive a winter to old chairs, to old files, to tomato cages, that never worked when they were new and had rusted to junk.

The prize and heaviest item was the tennis ball throwing machine that I bought used and never worked right even though I sent it back for repair about ten years ago. It was an impulse purchase and a waste of money. I of course could have advertised it on Craig’s list but wanted the pleasure of humping it over the side of the dumpster. The only thing I didn’t have to throw out was exercise equipment and old vacuum cleaners which always appear at tag sales.

My step mother used to say “Don’t let your possessions possess you.”  Truer words were never spoken. And I’m not finished yet!

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