I have a friend who lives in the Village, not Millbrook, Greenwich and I have lunch with him from time to time. Invariably the conversation turns to some home repair, like a broken dishwasher and he tells about calling the manufacturer, the installer, the expired guarantee, the price they want to repair. I always say its better to buy new than waste time and money on an old appliance.

Well I have an exception to the rule. The knob on our stove for the oven kept spinning and you could never tell what temperature it was at. I pulled the knob and found somewhere over the years the metal doohickey that holds the knob was missing. I went to the internet and found that a new knob was $37.50!  and you couldn’t just buy the doohickey. New knob looks like this:

On the Bowery there are still restaurant supply places that sell stove parts and I spent a while going from store to store but no luck. The last place I tried I explained to the owner my problem and he of course asked, “What’s the model and what does the knob look like. Well I couldn’t answer either question. Then I told him all I really need is the doohickey. He reached behind him, pulled out a drawer and fished around until he found the following:

He said it may not fit but you can have it for nothing, a random act of kindness. His last words were “Don’t lose it!”  I slipped it into my pocket and that night I started looking in the sofa to see where it was as it apparently fell out of my pocket. It magically appeared on the floor near my desk.  And if you want to know the rest of the story, check out the final picture. The knob runs like a Swiss watch!


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