I recently posted a negative statement about the Garden State so I feel obligated to also defend it. While it produced the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby and famous pig farms in Secaucas, its capital Trenton is worth reporting on.


This all came about because of Alex Rodriguez. As baseball fans know he is in deep you know what because of the use of PED. Yes even Performance Enhancing Drugs have their very own acronym. Well when they asked him about the Trenton Thunder, the double AA Yankee farm team, that he was sent to, he said “Where is Trenton!” How dare he!

Trenton the state capital was the home of many manufacturers in its hay day. Perhaps the most famous was the Roebling Cable Company that supplied the cables for the Brooklyn Bridge. And of course we have a lot of relatives still living there. Uncle Freddy and Uncle Bill had a contracting company there and even owned the local professional basketball team.

Well Tonight Alex is, for the second day in a row, finding out about the pleasures of Trenton. I have to get the Trenton Times to get all the juicy details. The only one that comes to mind immediately is , where is he staying? Look out Motel 6 here he comes. Well I could go on and on about Trenton but when Alex finishes there tonight he is either going to Chicago for the Yankee/White Sox series or on permanent vacation with a lifetime ban from baseball.

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