New Yorkers all know that people in LA are a little cuckoo, but there are a few characteristics I notice:

1- There are a lot of young women with tattoos

2- There are a lot of women who are smoking cigarettes

3- There are women that dye their….dog’s hair- fur- on the right you may notice her sneakers match her dog!


I went for a hike this AM up in Runyan Canyan, a beautiful park in the Hollywood hills and I had to stop to ask whether I might take a few pictures which you will find above. So their ears were all dyed blue and one of the dogs had a jeweled coat.I think I am generally ok with that but I wonder how the dogs can face their friends in the park.

And as for tattoos, whenever I see someone with a sleeve or rings in their noses or eyebrows I wonder what they will look like at 50 or worse at 70. I haven’t Googled it but I don’t even know if tattoos can be removed and if so how effective it is.

Ok a story about tattoos. I was in the Marines with a guy whose first name was or rather is Bobby. I won’t tell you his last name as it is a well known name, a mainline Philadephia family. Bobby is the president of a very swanky golf club on Long island. Anyway we were in the Marines together and one night he got very drunk and had an angry woodpecker  tattoo inked on his upper arm. I don’t remember much about the result other than he wore a T shirt for many years after that. I ran into him a while ago and he told me that his son, who had a drug problem, had joined the Marines and they had straightened him out. Well Bobby was so proud of the Marines and what they had done for his family that he told me he proudly shows the tattoo anytime he has the opportunity.

And speaking of tattoos  Groucho Marks sang the song about Lydia the Tattooed Lady.

And if you don’t like that, try the words to this version by the Kingston Trio



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