Karen has a nice diner on Route 22 just south of the Village of Pawling. She just serves breakfast and lunch but it always seems crowded. Even though I have been away most of the month I was there this week for lunch and had a great cheese steak. It wasn’t up to the standards of Pat’s in Philadelphia but it was good and the dessert, home made was a blueberry crumble, excellent.

When I pulled into the parking lot I saw the below car with your basic unicorn in the back seat. A good friend Frank was having lunch at the counter also and he told me that the guy always travels with his unicorn. He is an insurance salesman in Pawling. Go figure.

Frank, my friend is a car restorer and car builder and he is really good at it but what is really impressive is that he is a self taught and very talented artist. He always complains that my stories aren’t funny. So when I saw the unicorn I told him the story of the gorilla who goes into the bar and orders a beer. Everyone runs out but he puts a $20 bill on the bar and the bartender, figuring that the gorilla is stupid, gives him a dollar in change. The bartender says “It’s not often we get a gorilla in here.” And the gorilla says “At these prices you’re not likely to get many more.”

I don’t remember whether Frank laughed. did you?

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