I have been reading a great book, Light of the World by James Lee Burke and he quotes Satchel Paige “Think cool thoughts and don’t eat fried foods.” Well I started looking up some of the famous quotes of Satchel Paige and there is a website with just some of the funny clever things he said.

Now it is possible some of my readers, particularly the few young ones I have, might not even know who Satchel Paige was, but anyone near my age who grew up with baseball  heard the legends of the greatest pitcher in the old Negro leagues. He didn’t get to the Majors until he was 42 and pitched his last game when he was 60!

There is a Wikipedia site for information on him. You couldn’t make up the names of some of the old teams he played for or against. The Birmingham Black Barons and the Atlanta Black Crackers were just two of the teams in the Negro leagues. He became so popular that the owner of the Black Barons would rent Paige out for the day to other teams because he always drew a big crowd. They would split the fee. In one game, Paige called in his outfielders and had them sit down behind him on the mound. He proceeded to strike out the side!

Look at this site, you would be disappointed. They don’t make ’em like they used to!


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