This year has been the largest apple crop in my memory. Apparently early Spring rains, no early frosts and a few other things have been responsible so we are picking, eating, giving away, getting neighbors to come get them and they still keep coming.

This picture shows four varieties from this weekend. From left to right, Macouns, Romes, Cortlands, and Red Delicious, below right.

I usually climb up or use the Gator to get to the low hanging fruit but our neighbors who sold out about 8 years ago gave us a great old fashioned apple ladder, that more for beauty than utility, I drag out each year and get up into the trees.

But the surprise this year is that two very old apples from before my father bought the farm, produced apples. They may be 100 years old or even more. The trees have never been pruned or sprayed and I never knew what kind of apples they were. I do remember that my father always talked about the king of old apple trees, the Northern Spy and in fact I planted one a few years ago that hasn’t produced yet. I am told that it may be 5 to 10 years before I can expect fruit. But sure enough the old tree is a Northern Spy as we checked an apple book and there was the picture. All of the fruit is way up, too high to pick but I found some clean drops and they are really sharp, but sweet and crisp.



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