The rival blogger, the Montauk fisherman and my nemesis brought out the worst of my readers bad jokes. Just today one of my readers sent an email about the guy who goes to the shrink and says “My brother thinks he’s a chicken.” Psychiatrist says “Have him come in and see me.” Guy replies” I would but we need the eggs.”

For some reason some of my readers have crawled out of the woodwork and sent comments, some of which I will list below:

“your comment about the possibility of your “rival” blogger stealing your readers reminds me of what was reported to me as a true story from years back.
Ad salesman from NY Post visits ad buyer from Bloomingdales:
NY Post: “How come you never advertise in our newspaper?”
Bloomingdales:  “Because your readers are our shoplifters!”
Now here is a comment from a reader in North Carolina, please pardon the shameless vanity:
“I have to say that you have honed your style to one that is spare and homey-comfortable even
It helps that your interests are rustic, old-fashioned and also so very eclectic.
How you go from old cars to peaches and apples to barns and then some of the oldest, hoary, jokes is delightful.”


Here is a c0mment from a reader who I assume is referring to the video of the monkeys and the grapes:

“The Youngman jokes are classics of timing. But I laughed out loud with the gorilla joke.”

“Corny, but wonderful.”
And here’s one advising me on how to pick apples:
“Pick apples with a wire basket mounted on 6 or 8 foot pole.”
Last but not least is the regular email I receive from a reader and friend who never seems to be in his office:
“I will not be in my office until Monday, October 7, 2013. Email messages may not be answered or acknowledged. If you need assistance, blah blah blah”


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