My readers may recall I asked for volunteers to take a road trip with me to an auction near Erie PA. As expected no one thought an auction of Model A Ford  parts was sufficiently exciting. So I went solo and it was a great trip, about 400 miles from the farm. Early fall through the Catskills up along the southern tier of NY and into the small town of North East PA. The leaves were changing and the ride was truly beautiful. Anyone who hasn’t driven through upstate New York is missing something special. That part of the state and PA has miles of vineyards, mostly Concord grapes for juice. the grapes will be harvested in the next few weeks so in the morning you can smeel the air filled with the fragrance.

My first stop was an early lunch at the Roscoe Diner, fly fishing capital of the world.

As the Holiday Inn was rather pricey I stayed at the Red Carpet Inn for $49. Sadly it was overpriced as the place was a dump. Only thing nice about it was the enticing sign. I won’t list the problems but I slept well and had breakfast at Tillie’s Restaurant, a real find. They had an omelet with everything topped off with Velveeta cheese, kept be going all day. Then it was on to the auction. I restrained myself and only bought a good pair of headlights, a carburetor and a few other parts which I felt I might use. I did bid on a few cars but mercifully I didn’t win. The auctioneer Tim Rocco was great, an old time fast talker with real style. Returned to the farm late Sunday happy as a clam.

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