The year before last we put in 30 sterile carp and last year 15. They have succeeded in eating almost all of the weeds in the lake (that was the idea)  and so far I haven’t seen them although I know they are there. On several occasions i have seen what appears to be a fish gliding below the surface and a rather large wake. This summer quite a few bass were caught and some of pretty good size. When we bought the fish they said they could get up to 25 pounds. The wont bite on any worms or lures because they are vegetarians so I will have to wait until one surfaces to see how big they are. I don’t know much about eating carp but I somehow don’t like the idea. I found the following on the internet.

“Carp is one of Eastern Europe’s most prized freshwater fish. In the United States, it has never enjoyed the popularity it experiences from Bulgaria to Ukraine, probably because the American variety doesn’t match the flavor or quality of its European cousin, where it is prepared in myriad ways — fried, roasted, grilled and broiled. Carp takes a place of honor on the traditional Christmas Eve table of many countries, including the Polish wigilia.”

(From left) Keith Williams & Stuart Gillham hold a record-breaking carp (© Stuart Gillham/

Angler catches record-breaking 132-lb. carp on his birthday

Keith Williams (shown above on the left) of Surrey, England, had the birthday every angler dreams of. On a trip to a fishing resort in Krabi, Thailand, the 56-year-old pulled in a Siamese carp weighing 132 pounds, a new world record if it’s ratified by the International Game Fish Association. While he told his wife that he could “feel in his bones” that he was going to catch a special fish that day, Williams is reportedly still in somewhat of a daze, not quite believing he landed the world’s largest catch (the monstrous haul took 25 minutes to reel in). Believe it, Mr. Williams — and believe you’ll be eating carp, carp and more carp for the indefinite future

Now here I have to add that Carp is very popular in China and I had a few meals with carp with no discernible negative effect. When one of those babies up at the lake get to about 20 pounds I’ll give it a try.

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