There has been another major clean out of accumulated junk, a ten yard dumpster is being filled but in going through unused pots and pans I found a stained and dirty old pan that I fondly remembered. About a half an hour of scrubbing and rinsing produced the following:


I have to say there is only one thing I have ever won by buying a ticket. But many years ago I won a dinner for 75 fried by Rudy Stannis, the Omelette King. I gave a party for a journalist friend who was heading off to Africa for a three year assignment. No matter that he returned after a year because Rudy showed up and boy did he crank out those omelets.  Fast forward to yesterday when I came across the pan he left behind.  I’m not ever sure it was cleaned from the party but I polished it up and made an omelette this AM. So far so good!

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