Elvis was a great rooster, a Polish Top Hat, A proud strong and dominant rooster who was given to us by a neighbor who has given us some exotic chickens from time to time. When I brought him up to the chicken coup three years ago he took over leadership duty and within a few weeks he was the big boss, frightening the other roosters, treading the hens and was the fastest rooster I ever saw.

Well he had a great run and this past summer he slowed down and seemed to be only used for consulting. He became quiet and pensive and kept to himself a lot. About a month ago I noticed that the other rooster, a big bully began picking on Elvis. Within two weeks Elvis began to look weak and stayed in the coup while the other hens and roosters went out into the pen. By last Friday Elvis was nothing but skin and bones and most of his feathers had been pecked out. He was all but gone and I decided to take him out of the coup and euthanize him (no details please). I   honestly believe he was happy to be out of his misery and didn’t resist when I picked him up and took him out of the coop.

So the great Elvis is now in a better place and his memory will live on. He was a great rooster!

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