Blackstone of the Death Squad is a cat,  adopted from the ASPCA. He spent his kitten hood in an apartment in Poughkeepsie. He is a survivor of two cold winters and most of the other barn cats have wondered off or were food for coyotes. Last month the ‘Stone disappeared suddenly and we thought is was curtains for him, but he reappeared on Christmas day, probably looking for presents!

A while ago I posted a story of Lee Moore, the coffee drinking nighthawk on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia. The song he sang often was “The Cat Came Back.” Here is a verse:

I gave the old cat to a man in a balloon

I told him to leave it with the man in the moon

The balloon it busted and everyone said

20 miles away they picked the man up dead

But the cat came back, the very next day

The cat came back, thought he was a goner

But the cat came back, cuz he wouldn’t stay away!

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