Rad Grange, Doak Walker, Johnny Lujack, Cliff Montgomery, Joe Namath. Oh and I could name about 50 more great names of the sport in bygone days. In those days when someone was knocked out, they said “He really got his bell rung.” Today I was watching when a running back from the Kansas City Chiefs was carted off the field and they reported they were doing a “concussion protocol” on him.

Now I think it is good that we are becoming aware of football injuries because the sport has truly gotten violent. The player who “took him out” and we saw it five times on replay was 335 pounds. I’m not sure where I am going with this post but I think maybe the fans are the ones demanding more violence. The teams both college and pro are simply driven by money, so if more people watch to see violence, I guess that’s what we will get.

I must say, I watch, maybe because its the last thing on television that is live and the result isn’t known until the end of the game. “I love Lucy” and “Jackie Gleason” were broadcast live every week, now no shows are, even including the talk shows.

Here  is what they looked like then with leather helmets



And here is 350 pounds of today’s player







Maybe this is a New Year’s rant….. LET’S BRING BACK THE FLYING WEDGE!!


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