I for one don’t buy it. Temperature is accurate, windchill is a fig newton of some weather specialists to make people feel they are in colder weather. I did some research and found that before the 1970s when wind chill was invented  by Canadians, people were just as cold when they went out as after that time.

What got me thinking was the temperature the last few weeks at the farm. Both weeks we have had days which were below zero and each day felt about the same.

Somehow talk of wind chill is cheating, the temperature is what it is period the end. I found the following information on the internet

The method for calculating wind chill has been controversial because experts[who?] disagree on whether it should be based on whole body cooling either while naked or while wearing appropriate clothing, or if it should be based instead on local cooling of the most exposed skin, such as the face. The internal thermal resistance is also a point of contention. It varies widely from person to person. Had the average value for the subjects been used, calculated WCET’s would be a few degrees more severe.

How about the idea that you might measure wind chill without clothing. Put me down as doubtful


The Shooting of Dan McGrew has a wonderful verse


When out of the cold which was 60 below

And into the din and the glare

There wandered a miner fresh from the creeks

Dog dirty and loaded for bear.


In those days nobody said, the wind chill was 80 below!


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