Every year, the week before Superbowl weekend, my male relatives gather in Clove Valley for a weekend of bonding, actually eating, poker, this year skating, and a great deal of  sitting in front of various computers doing what people do in front of computers and generally catching up with one another. We had 14 this year, 3 from Bermuda, one from France, 3 from the rocky and frozen coast of Maine and the rest from various places including a virtual cousin by Skype originally from Chicago but checking in from the Northern tip of the Red Sea! The oldest is 85 and the youngest is 8. This is the 22nd year that we have been doing this. Number one son as usual was the cook for Saturday night and we had chili made from grass fed Clove Valley Angus.

Other than a freeze up in the barn it was business as usual. It seems the one unusual performance was from a grandson who ate a “short stack” that was bigger than the plate as well as scrambled eggs and toast. He didn’t explode but came real close. Here is a picture of the short stack before the eggs and sides arrived.





Here are a few more pictures including the pond without benefit of a Zamboni:


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