Well the pipes froze up in the barn Saturday when the temperature for the last 10 days has been below freezing and the low was 5 below zero. Lou who has been a plumber in Millbrook since he came back from the Marines in the early 60s came over with a hair dryer and a few other tools and got it thawed out without much damage. Lou allowed that although there have been plenty of days that have been colder, 23 below once years ago, the long stretch of really cold weather has been unusual and the worst he can remember. Of course while that is bad news for the owners around here it isn’t all bad news for Lou.

But the new word this year is Polar Vortex to describe the cold coming from the Arctic. Years ago I heard the expression in Texas, the Blue Norther which was a blast of frigid air and the jet stream dipping down is another explanation.  So I don’t think it is anything new and as I have posted before this has nothing to do with climate, which is getting warmer. Someone told me recently that 50 years from now Miami Beach will be under water. I never liked Miami that much even though I had a distant cousin who was the mayor in the 1950s. It was said in my family that Marcy became Mayor when he won the office in a card game among the four city councilmen who decided to play cards for the top job. He was quoted in the local paper as saying “This is the pinochle of my career.”  Now all of this may be family legend but as Casey Stengel once said “You could look it up.”

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