It just keeps coming. 5 more inches predicted this afternoon. The above picture was taken last week in Poughkeepsie. My neighbors sent a picture of Liza their Burnese Mountain Dog who probably weighs 100 pounds and the snow was over her head, 2 feet+ on the ground. The two local roads were so heavy with snow that bulldozer was the only way to clear the way.

I spoke to a friend who is a  climate change denier. He’s having the best winter in his memory.

Years ago I had to go frequently  to Minneapolis, both winter and summer. People who live there must think we are all sissies here in the East. When the snow piles up there they bulldoze it into the ice on the river and wait until Spring. The last time I was there is was 35 below, practically shirtsleeve weather when you get used to it.

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