I have a very old friend who lives down in Winter Park Florida who posted a video of his grand daughter who is a serious chicken farmer. I must say, that while I have raised chickens for years, I never quite figured out how to make it anything but a money losing proposition. This winter in particular I fed them kept them relatively warm and gave them fresh water but 12 hens went on strike and maybe lay 3 to 4 eggs a day and usually they were frozen as solid as hockey pucks by the time I get to pick them up. I will admit in the summer when they are outdoors and enjoying life they lay pretty regularly and there is nothing like fresh eggs. They really do taste better than store bought.

But hats off to a family that is trying to do it right and actually survive doing it! Enjoy the video, it’s impressive. One hint….I see they are raising chickens to sell to “end users” like me so maybe that is how they will not lose their shirts. The video makes it look like fun I will say that. I wonder whether heritage chickens are like heirloom tomatoes?

chicken farm Full Circle Farm Chickens raised right.We’re building a business raising laying flocks of heritage chickens–and we’re building a sustainable life for our family and our community.

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