Last Saturday morning there were two huge bald eagles and a younger immature one eating a fresh deer carcass lying down in the field by the beehives. The deer have had a terrible winter with cold temperatures and a lot of snow ground cover. I’m sure when Spring comes we will find a lot of Winter kill in the woods. But for now the Eagles are back. They come through this area towards the end of Winter and stay for about a month. Each year there are more of them. So I received a great picture from a neighbor as well as an unfinished eagle carving from a talented woodworker.
Not quite related to that are my chickens who have had a rough winter, none have died but they are laying infrequently and I cant wait until I get them out of the coop when the weather warms. Our neighbors kids love to come up to pick up the eggs and I received a picture of one giant egg among four or five others. When I cleaned it and opened it I found a triple yolker, manybe my first. Here are a few pictures

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