Let’s face it, not a lot happens in Millbrook that is out of the ordinary, although there was a 12,000 square foot house that burned down on North Tower Hill last week. I haven’t found out who owns it but a picture in the Poughkeepsie paper looked like it was what used to be called a five alarmer.

The point of this post is that I got an email yesterday from a woman who is opening an art gallery in Millbrook and wanted to know if I would inform my readers. I said I would although my readers in far off places are unlikely to visit or at least come to Millbrook just to see it.

But here is the email from the owner Sherry Crawford and – no charge for the free publicity. Some explaining perhaps is in order. I think she was talking about the Southern Dutchess News but I can’t quite figure out how she got to me. Also the “he” mentioned is someone named McFadden and the only McFadden I know is John McFadden who has worked in the same restaurant in New York for 30 years.

Hi Peter,
He mentioned that one edition goes out to thousands of households and the weekly? only to the community.. I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly what he said, just that to reach the masses, Tuesday was the deadline. I would appreciate any help you can provide without cost, as most of my Capital has gone for inventory and my advertising budget is nil! My new gallery, in a nutshell is a Fine Art Gallery, with Oil and acrylic paintings by many Native and non-native Artists . The decor is Aboriginal themed, and we have beautiful stone carvings, hand sewn moccasins ,etc. ..also, in a separate room, the Elly Nelly Vintage Boutique offers a combination of High end women, clothing, handbags, hats, shoes & scarves. Lots of cool things to see! Please let me know if you would like to come by.

Thank you,
Sherry Crawford
Crawford Fine Art
18 King St. E. Millbrook
705 872 2938

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