Ok I rant and rave about television programming but in fact I have become addicted. I went for Netflix, watch Homeland and wait for the next series of Downton Abbey (although I admit I enjoy it more with subtitles). I feel better that I have admitted this. There is a reason that bookstores are folding like cheap accordions. It’s so much easier to be spoonfed than read a book. The house still looks a little like the Collier Brothers left their book collection here but now the one eyed monster is front and center.

I do have one complaint… you get a very empty feeling when one of these series keeps you hanging until next year. I want resolution. I mean how is it possible that Frank Underwood is President of the United States and I have to wait until next year to find out what happens.

Now on to the One Armed Man. Who remembers him and what finally happened to the Fugitive?

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