I had the car in NYC last night and parked on the street. It had to be moved this morning at 8:30. I arrived at the car at 8:20 prepared to either wait an hour and a half until it was safe to park on the street or put the car in the garage. A ticket costs $65.00 maybe more and a garage just for a few hours costs $20+. So you can imagine my pleasure when a woman pulled out across the street just as I was getting ready to move the car. I rushed over and there was already another car about to snap up the space but I manoevered my car into the space and backed in. It fit perfectly.

Now many of my readers from outside the City know nothing about this game of changing spaces twice a week but it is a kind of mating dance that New Yorkers go through and often leads to disagreements and sometimes worse. So today is going to be a good day!

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