I bought this pair of shoes maybe two or three years ago. They were cheap and looked like the old desert boots that people (men) my age used to wear. I’m not sure why I bought them because until this morning I don’t think
I ever put them on. But I did and they are ok, not great. I went out for a walk to test them out and break them in a little and of course discovered that they were junk, didn’t fit right and were not likely to come out of my closet ever again. I am sure if I wore them for a week they would come apart and I’d be walking on my uppers.

Incidentally walking on one’s uppers is a great old expression meaning that someone is so poor he has worn out the bottom of his shoes and is only walking on the upper part.

I can’t usually throw things out that are almost new but I may make an exception unless one of my readers needs a fine size 11 pair of mock desert boots. There are no guarantees and no ankle support.

Here is a selfie of my shoes. They don’t look as pink as the picture but you see why they are excess to my needs.

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