My father loved to read what he called “dime novels.” Some were John MacDonald mysteries, some were Edwards Aarons adventures and many were westerns. He would sit on the barcolounger in the living room after dinner start reading while occasionally picking at his scalp. He would read one a night.

Fast forward many years. All of these paperbacks were saved and are in the basement at the farm. A few weeks ago I tried one out. It was the above titled book and it is a great read. This is the back cover description:
“The Dude- He came from the East to buy cattle, to the untamed land where there was no law but a man’s raw courage. He came to get his steers to the railroad, not to kill. He was a peaceable man but when french Williams and the local outlaws mistook him for a victim, there was lead to pay.” And on the front cover: “Chantry spoke softly. They thought he couldn’t shoot- but they were dead wrong.”

This book was in its 7th printing by 1971 and the price was 75 cents. It is still a great read!

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