Many of my readers I am sure have heard the endless ads on radio for It turns out that this pillow costs $70, I guess about 5 times the price of even a good standard pillow. Here are a few comments from the internet:

1-I bought the “green” standard size pillow. and chose the 10-14 day shipping option for a shipping charge of $10 on the company website. I was pleasantly surprised when I had it delivered 3 days later. I unpacked the pillow, which came in a frighteningly small box just larger than a 2 liter bottle. The pillow was very flat when it came out, but it expanded somewhat as it sat there for a few hours. I put the pillow in the drier for 10 minutes as suggested on the sheet that it was packed with. The pillow had greatly expanded and was now the size and thickness of a standard pillow.

2-I did not notice any of the odor that a few others have mentioned. I have used memory foam pillows, so I know exactly what kind of chemical smell they are mentioning, and this pillow did not have any of that smell. I am wondering if the people that did notice a smell either got a bad batch or if the pillow they bought was not an authentic My Pillow. I even asked my girlfriend, who is very sensitive to smells, if she noticed a smell, and she did not.

3-As far as sound that the pillow makes while laying on it, I specifically listened for sound and could only hear a VERY slight rustling noise while I moved that was only slightly louder than a standard pillow. I have used sobakawa pillows which are incredibly loud, and My Pillow is nothing like this.

I will not buy one nor will I buy the spray paint can that supposedly covers bald spots or exercise equipment which always ends up in the yard sale.