One of my favorite songs is Nola. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything other than giving the reader a few minutes of fun old time music. The pianist Todd Perley is from New Orleans and this is a nice version of the song which is not easy to play correctly. My mother who was a wonderful pianist played Nola and Dizzy Fingers and Kitten on the Keys which she learned during the 1920s as a young girl. When I hear Nola I can almost hear her fingernails clicking on that old Knabe piano in the living room and my mother sitting playing and saying “Oh I used to play it so much better.”

Felix Arndt (May 20, 1889 – October 16, 1918) was an American pianist and composer of popular music.

Educated in New York (his music teachers included Carl Lachmund), Arndt composed songs for the famous vaudeville team of Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes, and recorded over 3000 piano rolls for Duo-Art and QRS Records. He died in New York city aged 29 during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Arndt is best remembered for his 1915 composition, “Nola,” written as an engagement gift to his fiancee (and later wife), Nola Locke. It is sometimes considered to be the first example of the novelty piano or “novelty ragtime” genre, published by Sam Fox Publishing Company. It was the signature theme of the Vincent Lopez orchestra, and a top ten hit for Les Paul in 1950.Nola_picture