Are we the only ones whose mailbox is filled with catalogs? I received one yesterday titled QCI Direct, formerly Picket Fence. I shuffled through it before tossing it and found numerous things that I wouldn’t even want for free. Do any of my readers need:

1- Solar powered wind chime
2- Portable handgrip suctions for your bathtub
3-Cricket traps
4- Hair removal at home
5-Stump removal
6-Lawn aeration spiked shoes
7-Solar powered decorative owl

And last and probably least
The Waspinator
Eliminate Wasps Without Chemicals Deter wasps without traps, pesticides or harming the environment. The Waspinator replicates the look of an enemy nest. Territorial wasps see it and scoot. Nothing to spray, fill, empty or clean. Just puff out the sides and hang. Repels instead of attracting. 16″ l.waspinator-6