My loyal readers might remember a few years ago when I thought I lost my cell phone, only to later find in in a cooler along with some frozen birds.

Well a few weeks ago i had to go to California for one day. I was pretty well wiped out when I got back on the plane to come home and somehow my Blackberry disappeared in the plane seat. I waited until the plane emptied and a mechanic and the cleaning crew tried unsuccessfully to find it. For the record they did find all sorts of trash that was never cleaned but no cell phone. Fast forward two weeks. I decided to fly up to the iPhone get all the latest apps and finally give up on the Blackberry company which is barely surviving.
Well I don’t like it, the keyboard touch pad is small and fine if you are a mandolin player, but my fingers can’t get used to it. I can or rather could have returned it for a modest restocking fee until this morning when once again I was on a plane. It slipped from my pocket and once again it disappeared into the seat.

This time I was sure it was somewhere under the seat but couldn’t find it until I brought the seat up from the reclining position and heard a crunching sound. I found the iPhone. It still works but the glass and case are pretty well smashed. This may be the answer for me.old fashioned phone