A rusty or cracked firebox.
Yellow or uneven flames heat.
Flaking or cracked grates.
Cracked hoses and connectors.
Iffy igniter

These are the signs that it is time to replace your outdoor grill. Alas our neighbors gave us a BBQ when they sold their property about 10 years ago. It wasnt new when they gave it to us but for all these years it kept on cooking as I replaced parts. alas this summer the frame rusted through and I had to drag it out to the garbage but not before I had scavanged every usable part to put into the other Weber BBQ that I had found left out by another neighbor to be picked up as garbage. It was cast iron and all it needed were a few parts and voila, it is back up and operating like new. Here is a picture of the Bristol Weber as it appeared in its pristine condition when it was young and the other picture is on the way to the dump.>bristol bbq in garbagebristol grill

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