For a few weeks my oral history book website was down due to what is sometimes called a glitch, but in fact is my incompetence with figuring out how to 1) renew my domain name and 2) then figuring how to get on Tumbler and get it back up and running. It took our cousin Alex about 5 minutes, maybe 4 to figure it out. The site is a series of interviews of New Yorkers over 90. Cut and paste to read the interviews (because I cant figure out how to link it!)

I conducted the interviews over a three year period ending about a year ago. Some of the interviewees have died, maybe the most famous being Eli Wallach who died last month at 96. But someone sent me the link below to a famous drummer. The video is from 1939 but Viola is still around and apparently has all her marbles, not sure about her drums.