I think the world has lost it and particularly in Hollywood. Below is an article from the New York Times about mega and giga mansions. Here is just one paragraph to whet your appetite
“The residence also offered indoor and outdoor pools, commissioned artwork by the graffiti artist Retna, and an operating room in the basement. “It’s not like it’s set up to take out your gallbladder,” said Mark David, a real estate columnist for Variety, who has toured the house. “It’s for cosmetic procedures — fillers, dermabrasion, that kind of thing.” The house sold, with all its furnishings, to an unidentified Saudi buyer for $44 million.”
Well the oligarchs haven’t gotten to Clove Valley and even Millbrook where they are giving the estates away compared to NYC condos and Los Angeles craziness. In Beverly Hills,they are tearing down 20,000 square foot houses and replacing them with 90,000 square foot boat anchors.