We here at the Millbrook Times like Thomas’ English Muffins. Why do they come in that long holder with the little green closer? It makes no sense. I suggest a nationwide campaign to have them redesign their packagingthomas' english muffins

And while we are at it, why do Black and Decker toaster ovens cost $39 and burn out after 6 months, planned obsolescence?

The other thing that is very bothersome are the new light bulbs. I think the old incandescents are going the way of the dodo bird and I/We for one (or is it two) dont like the new ones no matter how efficient they are. Who would buy the ones on the left when you can get old reliable on the right?New-Light-Bulbsincandescent light bulb

Here’s another one that really is annoying “This call may be recorded for quality assurance.” This after waiting for ten minutes to try to hear a real voice.