I used to make maple syrup, not a lot, as it is very labor intensive, but there was an article in the local paper here saying that this year was going to be a very good year because there weren’t many mast seeds. The mast seed, I had to look it up, were those helicopter like things that fall from the tree, in the Spring. When I was young we used to split them and put them on our noses like little unicorns.
Well the more seeds, the less syrup or so they now claim so this year should be a banner year.

Here is a picture of our sugar shack. It was an old milking shed that I converted into a sugar shack. I swapped it for an old car and in return the buyer had to bring it over to the farm from Millbrook and set it up in the woods. It needs some work so I probably will just leave it as is and think about syrup. A friend and neighbor dropped off 4 bottles recently. He still makes syrup.

Somewhere in the Millbrook Times archives I have a picture from about 25 years ago of my neighbor George and me boiling down sap on a primitive evaporator made with concrete blocks and a large pan. I’ll look for it one of these days.

sugar shack