Once in a whle I get an interesting email that doesn’t seem to be related to my blog but I like the below:

“Good day – We have started the new year on a good note with some valued guests in January. However, our membership drive continues and we are anxious to draw more singers from the surrounding community. Our men’s Barbership singing membership now ranges from a young gentleman in his early twenties to those young at heart. We provide training, CD’s, on-line support via our web site http://www.acesofharmony.com

We meet at Northminster Church on Sunset Blvd. (rear parking lot access) in Peterborough every Monday evening at 7pm.

Just pop by or give Jim a call.

Thanks very much for your assistance in placing this information in the Millbrook Times.

Yours in harmony,

Fred Rapson”

I think I know why they are looking for new members. I think you will get the idea when you look at this video