I had many suggestions and a few contributions for posts on the blog. It reminds me of a friend, Buddy Robins, no longer with us, who was a sweater salesman and when I asked him how his business was, he said “Very good, I got two orders today, Get Out and Stay Out.”

So here are a few reader comments.

-re: “some new ideas or contributions” you need a poetry corner…. from a poet

-Quite sunny and fairly warm here. – from a reader in England

-Some interesting stuff here , especially about cats and milk –which I guess would be more interesting if I actually liked cats –there was Sunday cbs morning piece on pronunciation of Bangor Maine and other cities with equivocal/ambidextrous (?) names -have you thought of occasionally adding some jokes (could be limited to farms animals and/or rural type stories_ if you do so, surely I could be major contributor- forget it

Now here’s a good one I will have to research. I have deleted the name of the owner to avoid something I’m not sure what.

-A big story but you need some reporters. Never carried in the other Millbrook paper, the Independent for one reason or another. …………, a story on his own, is undertaking an almost historic landscaping project under a famous designer adding dozens of lakes and hundreds of thousands trees to his Altamont estate. Almost Google Earth size!
Also note his greenhouse which like the Pope’s, supplies all his produce which is shipped like the old days to NYC.