I sent the below letter to the editor of the New York Times. I don’t know whether they will publish it but here it is.

Frank Bruni’s article about Dr. Oz reminded me of another chapter in Columbia University Medical School history. In the late 1960s Columbia announced that they had received a patent for a cigarette filter which would cut down on the incidence of lung cancer. it was called the Strickman filter and if successful it would have provided Columbia with an enormous financial windfall.
Needless to say tests showed that the only thing it succeeded in doing was making it almost impossible to inhale smoke through the filter. Columbia was embarrassed and damaged by the fiasco, as they should be by Dr. Oz’s non professional and self promoting behavior.

Dr. Oz is a phony and even though he is an apparently respected heart surgeon at Columbia University Medical Center, he wont be opening me up and tinkering with my ticker.

I have a friend who is a famous and very talented doctor who says there is no scientific evidence that supports the use of supplements. He also says that GNC doesnt sell one product that will help your health in any way.

Ok let’s hear from those who disagree. Climate change deny-ers go for it.