I went up to the Finger Lakes to pick up some bee nucs this past week. It was an amazing adventure which needs some background. One of my best friends is a successful and talented businessman. He was however a blacksmith on a commune when he was young. Fast forward, when I told him I was going up to Canandaigua, NY he asked where and I said Middlesex NY. He said that’s where he was a blacksmith and I had to stay over there for the night (bee pick up time was 4:30AM). The place is called East Valley Farm but also the Rochester Folk Art Guild. Paul who has lived there since 1972 met me, showed me around and found me a nice room to sleep in. He fed me and treated me like an old friend and I took some pictures. I may just pack up and move up there for a few years, although I’m not sure what I could do besides meditate.
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